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          Welcome to Divorce nada. Our site will provide you with clear, understandable, and accurate information about separation and divorce in nada. We work together with some of nada's top Divorce Lawyers to help provide you with the best divorce advice, answers, and guidance you need, to confidently make the right decisions throughout this process.

          Finding a family law lawyer in nada when thinking about separating or divorcing your spouse is one of your smartest decisions to make during this process.

          If you’ve been searching for: “divorce lawyer near me”, you’ve found the right place to get help for divorce.

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          Questions Asked:

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          "Material Change" and Duration of Spousal Support

          I will say in advance, that I do have a lawyer in Alberta but I don't feel he is representing my interests but I have no way of knowing, further, I n't afford to keep paying him to tell me about all her rights and not explaining to me about mine. I a ...

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          How about the bank accounts and sh money of each spouse at separation or divorce time

          Does the sh money or any accounts sums divide between spouses at the time of separation or divoce?

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          Requesting Cell Phone Records During A Divorce & Adultery Accusations

          My son in law and daughter recently separated and he is now accusing her of cheating and is threatening to have her cell phone records brought into play. She has already given him everything (house, items etc) and is leaving with nothing. n he do thi ...

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          n my ex win full custody on the with no grounds of merit

          My ex partner and I have joint custody of our daughter and have so for the past 7 years. My ex served me papers wanting full custody and for my child support payment to quadruple effective in 4 weeks time. I love my daughter dearly and see her 50% of t ...

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          Simple Divorce

          We have already settled support and property division so it is just a matter of getting a divorce. He wants to serve me with papers, or have me go to his lawyers since I am not protesting the divorce do I have to do anything and will it cost me money? ...

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          Is the 6 year rule for settlement of home and assets written in stone or n it be extended?

          My husband and I have been separated for 6 years this coming August. n I ask for an extension to the time limit or n it be extended at all? If my husband who has moved out and is living with someone else and has a home together will not agree on a ...

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